Harbin´s Ice and Snow festival 2016

Harbin, Manchuria, China. Oh, it´s been a long wait to get here. But now I´ve finally seen and experienced the Ice and Snow festival. It has been a very cold experience; temperature has been between – 10 and – 25 C. Not too bad, actually, but it has also been very windy, especially the evening when I went to the Ice park. It also happened to be the evening of the official opening. According to the weather app I´m using, it felt like -35 C that night. It really did. My hands were so cold going in and out of the gloves to take pictures. My tripod froze so I couldn’t use it and my feet were numb after an hour. But it´s all been worth it.

I have tried to get people in the pictures to get a sheer sense of the sizes of these work of arts. The big tower is evidently a record high for ice sculptures, reaching about 40 meters. Without further ado, here´s the Ice and Snow festival seen from my camera. I threw in a picture from Harbin as well, seen from across the river playground.



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