What might have been…


As you know, I got home a few weeks ago. As of yesterday, my foot has (finally) returned to normal size. I´ve had a good stay so far back home and this weekend I´m spending in the city which has been my home since 1999, Stockholm.

If I had kept on traveling I would have been in Taiwan now. More precisely I should have spent this week in the southern part of the island, before heading up to Taipei on Friday (yesterday). And this is where it turns a bit interesting. It was a good chance I´ve would have been in the midst of the earthquake that hit Taiwan yesterday. Here are the reports as of Saturday afternoon (Swedish time) from BBC and from Taiwan News.

I´ll keep you in the loop of what´s happening with traveling or work. If I go back on the road, I´ll do so on March 1st (at the latest).

Keep safe and have a great weekend.

// Tommy


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