Pictures from Uzbekistan

I have only a few days left of my 19 days in Uzbekistan. It has meant going all the way to the Aral Sea from Tashkent and back again. I will finish my stay here with a few days in the Fergana Valley, before crossing into Kyrgystan and then on to China.

I have tried to take pictures of people but the Uzbeks seem to love their picture taken with a cell phone but as soon as the big camera comes out, they look more … hesitant. Buildings and nature don’t have issues with that, which is why the pictures turned out the way they did. I will work on that.

That said, I have loved my stay here and I hope more people come to visit Uzbekistan and get to know some of the very interesting history that has been taking place here over the centuries.



Tashkent buildings

Buildings in Tashkent

History museum in Tashkent

The History Museum in Tashkent

Registan night 2

Registan, Samarkand

Aral Sea basin

Aral Sea basin

The remaining Aral Sea

The Aral Sea shore

The ship cemetery in Moynaq

Ship cemetery in Moynaq

Chilpik burial site

Chilpik burial site, Nukus

Tillya-Kori, Samarkand

The (flat) ceiling of Tillya-Kori, Samarkand

The Original Silk Road in Khiva

Woman sweeping the only part of the original Silk Road in Khiva

Boy walking home in Khiva

Walking home. Khiva.

Boy biking along the city wall in Khiva

Khiva’s city wall, south side

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